How Do I Love Thee? (An ode to Economic Empowerment)

How Do I Love Thee? (An ode to Economic Empowerment)

Posted by SR CEO, Funlayo Alabi on 13th Feb 2018

Economic Empowerment Is Love...As an entrepreneur, when I think about love, I think about joy and, the doors of opportunity and access that have been opened for me, and how I plan to pay it forward to … read more

African Black Soap: Your Secret Weapon Against Acne

24th Sep 2015

I get asked many questions about the origins and uses of black soap. I love sharing the fascinating information I have gathered both from my experience using it as a child growing up in Nigeria and fr … read more

Hair Growth Tips for Curly hair

24th Mar 2015

Naturally curly hair needs tender loving care because it tends to be dry and delicate. Luxurious natural oils are best for nourishing and strengthening curly hair to prevent breakage and promote growt … read more
Eat Your Way To Beautiful Hair

Eat Your Way To Beautiful Hair

12th Mar 2015

Here are the Top 5 Nutrients to chow down on to regain Lustrous Locks:1. Protein is essential for the health of your connective tissue, this includes the keratin in your hair! Without enough protein, … read more