Scary dry hands? 5 Easy Tips to protect your hands this fall/winter.

Scary dry hands? 5 Easy Tips to protect your hands this fall/winter.

17th Feb 2015

Dry, cracked, rough, flaking, even bleeding. Sound familiar? Now look down at your hands, what do you see? With the temperatures plummeting well below freezing, our hands are taking a real beating. Adding to the assault, we pump up the heat in order to escape the elements with the trade off of super dry air. We then make things even worse by constantly washing our hands…You get the picture. It isn't pretty. Your normal body cream isn’t quite going to cut it. Give your hands a little extra lovin, they are after all, one of the first places to show age on the body. The following easy tips will make sure your hands are in top shape.

  1. Use a hand scrub to get rid of dry dead skin cells:

    Exfoliate once or twice a week. Take a bit of whipped Shea butter (about the size of a grape), one pump of a moisturizing body wash, and a teaspoon of salt and apply to one of your palms. Melt the mixture between both of your hands, and then lightly scrub over your entire hands. Rinse. Pat dry. Finish with a quality moisturizer. (This scrub is also great for elbows and knees!). Do not use any scrubs on super irritated skin, or any open sores.

  2. Use a better moisturizer.

    For deeper skin hydration, look for a product with a high percentage quality ingredients. Our Shea Butter &Baobab Cream contains 30% anti-aging collagen boosting unrefined Shea Butter, a skin repairing marine elixir of algae and seaweed, and protective, high antioxidant baobab oil. Unlike many brands, this cream has no cheap fillers: no artificial colors, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oil, silicones or other toxic chemicals!! Moisturizing enough for the hands and the entire body, but not greasy.

  3. Wear gloves!

    Protect your hands! Wear gloves whenever you are outside to protect your hands from the dry and cold, or whenever you are doing household chores. NEVER EVER do dishes or any cleaning without wearing gloves!

  4. For super dry skin, pull out the big guns.

    Use Pure Shea Butter for super dry hands. You can layer it over the Shea Butter & Baobab Cream, or apply solo to your knuckles, or any area that needs extra attention. It’s best to do this at night before sleeping, and then apply overnight cotton hand gloves to help the moisture seal in. You’ll see a difference after just one night. (Also great to do after your weekly hand scrub.)

  5. Keep your moisturizer convenient.

    Keep a moisturizer on your nightstand, at your bathroom and kitchen sinks, one in your car, at your desk, keep a travelsize in your purse… leave no excuses not to protect your hands!