5 Fantastic Gifts for Your Fantastic Friends

5 Fantastic Gifts for Your Fantastic Friends

Posted by #SRBeautyBlog on 11th Dec 2015



Google Images: Sex in the CityWe’re only a couple days away from Christmas and you have no idea what you’re buying your girl clique? Don’t panic! We’ve carefully matched 5 fantastic gifts for the fantastic women in your life. Come Christmas time you’ll be everyone’s favorite girl!

The Optimist.

She’s literally a pocket full of sunshine, 24-7-365 days a year. Treat your most optimistic friend to citrusy goodness that will compliment her heart. She’ll be thrilled to be glowing inside and out, brightening up everybody’s day!

Healthy Is Her Middle Name.

Green smoothies, vegan and gluten free- terms she loves and the foods you hate. She has the diet you wished you had and she’s uber supportive of all your fitness needs. Although she doesn’t need help getting any more fit, she’ll love you for helping to shape her physique <3.

She’s The Boss.

She calls the shots, makes the budgets and stands out in any boardroom. Not to mention, she genuinely supports your goals and dreams. Some may describe her as a little intense, but you know she’s only one email away! Her keyboard will thank you for moisturized hands. After all, flawless hands produce flawless work.

The Sensitive One.

Any birthday, promotion or breakup she’s there! This is a very special gift for a very special friend who will stop at nothing to be your kleenex. No really, she’ll watch chick flicks with you while serving double scoops of ice cream. Thank her for being your shoulder to lean on the in the best ways :).

The Organizer.

You bring everyone together amid busy schedules and complicated lives. You’re the selfless one who confidently leads the way. After treating your favorite ladies, you’ll need a little detox and we have just the thing- your very own Anti-Oxidant Cream from us to our favorite #SRBeauty ;).