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About Us

We believe that a really great jar of cream can change the world. What started out as my family's search for natural and effective products to address our struggles with dry and eczema prone skin, led us to create a line to truly natural and luxurious hair and body care products, using shea butter as the key ingredient.

Our quest led us back to West Africa, where the shea trees grow and we found more than a solution to dry skin. Shea butter has been used for centuries in Africa for food and beauty. The shea fruit fall from the tree and is handpicked by African women.


In West Africa, Shea butter is called Women's Gold because the proceeds from processing shea nuts into butter is money women get to keep for themselves. Women use these funds to pay school fees, clothe and provide medicine for their children.


Women have a universal need to feel empowered to take care of their families and the women in Africa are no different.

We have partnered with women shea producers to source the shea butter we use in our premium line of products. These women also share their insights and wisdom on the uses of shea butter and this inspires us to create more innovative products based on their traditional wisdom.



What makes Shea Radiance products truly special is the higher amount of shea butter we use in our formulations. The higher percentage makes the products effective and gives our customers the desired results for their hair and skin. Over 8 years of experience formulating with natural ingredients allows us to combine the best of nature and science.  We believe that exceptional ingredients deliver maximum performance.

The high percentage of shea butter in our products also means that we purchase more shea butter which brings more money to women and their communities.

We believe that when you empower a woman, you strengthen a family and transform a community, and that is how a really great jar of cream can change the world


We use the purest, most effective natural ingredients in all our products. Our key ingredient, shea butter, is sourced from a select harvest of nuts that grow in the parklands of West Africa. The nuts are hand harvested by African women and the butter is extracted using the traditional wisdom passed down from generations.


We support the women who produce our shea butter by purchasing directly from their cooperative groups and never through middlemen. This process ensures that we get the highest quality product and the women get the best price for their shea butter.

sheabutter-nuts-logo.jpgHandcrafted shea butter is naturally rich in antioxidants and anti-aging actives that nourish and protect the skin. Our products contain a high percentage of this shea butter to deeply hydrate and restore dry skin and hair.


We create our products from scratch in artisanal batches so we can closely monitor quality. Our products are free of unecessary additives, parabens and sulfates. When you purchase Shea Radiance products, you empower a woman, transform a community and change the world.

Our Values

Shea Radiance creates natural, luxurious, premium quality hair and body care products using pure shea butter as the key ingredient for the eclectic, savvy and luxury focused woman.  Our shea butter is sourced directly from women run cooperatives in West Africa. The proceeds from shea butter help women educate and provide for their children. We believe that a great jar of cream can uplift women and change the world