About Shea Radiance
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Meet the Founder

My name is Funlayo Alabi and I am the CEO & Co-Founder of Shea Radiance. I believe that a really great jar of cream can change the world. We will accomplish this by ensuring that the women in our supply chain have the needed incomes to feed, clothe, and educate their children.

Our journey began while seeking a natural solution to our boys’ dry & eczema prone skin. We re-discovered Shea butter, a natural healing balm sourced from the Shea fields in West Africa. Our interest in the efficacy and sustainability of Shea butter led us back to West Africa where we developed a relationship with the women Shea producers.

Our connection with the women changed the focus of our business. We realized that Shea butter had the potential to change women's lives by alleviating poverty and providing women with an income to meet the needs of their children. In November 2015, we interviewed over 100 women Shea processors in Northern Ghana and asked them what they feared most. Their responses boiled down to one common fear, not having the resources to provide for their children.

As Vice Chair of the Global Shea Alliance Sustainability Working Group , I am excited to be part of the discussions that will usher in a new era of sustainability that values the input of the women whose labor is instrumental to the industry. We believe when you empower a woman, she uplifts her children and transforms her community. That is how a jar of cream can change the world.